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Creatives will find many unusual possibilities here. At just over 60 miles from London, this pretty Georgian manor house is set in sumptuous gardens and surrounded by lakes and a farm. It offers a broad and eclectic range of film and photographic backdrops.

The house and the old-fashioned farm buildings are home to an eccentric collection of antique objects including the Steam Museum collection of machinery. This is a huge assemblage of vintage steam engines, agricultural machinery, industrial and marine objects, plus a number of fairground rides and mechanical organs. There is even a steam tug boat, moored at nearby Ramsgate.

The wider estate also contains a number of large 'secret' lakes along a stretch of river. This little known area is hidden away from public roads, but with good access and parking. Teeming with birds, it is a very beautiful, natural place whilst being quiet and secluded.

Together these offer interesting, convenient and private locations for photography, film and set building.



Welcome to Preston Court

Locations are near Canterbury, Kent. Contact:   Phone: +44 07764 291655
All content © 2011 PrestonCourtLocations. Site design by Maresco. Preston Court is also a venue for weddings and events.

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