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Creatives will find many unusual possibilities here. At just over 60 miles from London, this pretty Georgian manor house is set in sumptuous gardens and surrounded by lakes and a farm. It offers a broad and eclectic range of film and photographic backdrops.

The house and the old-fashioned farm buildings are home to an eccentric collection of antique objects including the Steam Museum collection of machinery. This is a huge assemblage of vintage steam engines, agricultural machinery, industrial and marine objects, plus a number of fairground rides and mechanical organs. There is even a steam tug boat, moored at nearby Ramsgate.

The wider estate also contains a number of large 'secret' lakes along a stretch of river. This little known area is hidden away from public roads, but with good access and parking. Teeming with birds, it is a very beautiful, natural place whilst being quiet and secluded.

Together these offer interesting, convenient and private locations for photography, film and set building.



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Welcome to Preston Court

Locations are near Canterbury, Kent. Contact: Tom@prestoncourtlocations.co.uk   Phone: +44 07764 291655
All content © 2011 PrestonCourtLocations. Site design by Maresco. Preston Court is also a venue for weddings and events.

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